Cubes Invasion

Cubes Invasion 3.4

Sugar Games has launched a Tetris-style game special for puzzle lovers (See all)
Sugar Games

Sugar Games has launched into the market a Tetris-style game special for puzzle lovers. Cubes Invasion offers light-hearted fun suitable for all ages. This rotate-and-match game is composed of multicolored cubes that fall from above and must be arranged in various patterns. The special peculiarity of Cubes Invasion is that each cube is diagonally divided into two parts each of them painted in the same or in two different colors. The aim of the game is to rotate each cube and match it with another similar cube so that the same-colored part state together. Once you have a chaining pattern of several cubes, they explode and you score! If you want to increase your score what you can do is build longer cube patterns so as to explode various cubes at once. If the screen is filled up, the game is over since no more cubes can fall from the top. With excellent graphics and refreshing music, Cubes Invasion features 3 play modes including three difficulty levels to fit everybody’s style of gaming. Enjoy endless fun and download now Cubes Invasion!

Review summary


  • Excellent graphics
  • Good variety of game levels
  • Fun for all ages


  • Shareware
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